Why we work determines how well we work

Balancing Two Types of Company Performance

Most organizations only focus on either tactical or adaptive performance, but rarely know how to manage them in unison.

For more, read “There Are Two Types of Performance -- but Most Organizations Only Focus on One.”


What we do

Executive coaching & leadership development
  • Master the science behind high performance and the human psychology that unlocks it
  • Learn how to build and lead teams that are entrepreneurial and engaged, not just order takers
  • Be the kind of leader that can inspire massive impact without using fear• Be the kind of leader that can inspire massive impact without using fear and blame
Organizational design & identity
  • Create cross-functional teams and functional practices that emphasize collaboration over silo behavior
  • Ensure that every colleague can articulate a deeply felt customer-centric purpose and every team feels its work is purpose-driven
  • Engineer every single role to be highly impactful to the customer and fulfilling for the person in the role
Team & individual effectiveness
  • Teach every team a rhythm of problem solving and collaboration to self-manage its own continuous improvement
  • Teach every colleague to self-direct their own continuous learning and skill development
  • Encourage constant small experimentation and innovation as a way of life for teams and individuals
Strategic planning & execution
  • Set goals and strategies that are driven by the organization’s purpose, along with metrics that inspire impact
  • Be confident that every team and individual can not only articulate the organization’s goals, but also the why behind them
  • Develop the agility to pivot fast based on new information – both at the organization and team level
Agile transformation
  • Make your development process truly adaptive, not “agile” in name only
  • Get engineering teams to work in a way that emphasizes collaboration while eliminating unproductive hand-offs and wasted effort
  • Focus on small, time-boxed experiments that progressively result in a more customer-centric product.
    (For more, please read Why Agile Goes Awry — and How to Fix It)
Frontline transformation
  • Build frontline teams that are fundamentally customer-centric with a focus on true partnership and value creation, not transactions
  • Turbo-charge the ability of the frontline to innovate and experiment their way to increasing customer impact
  • Teach every single person on the frontline to generate ideas and passionately advocate for what they believe in
Compensation & performance management
  • Create a performance management system that encourages skill development instead of infighting over credit and blame
  • Be the best developer of talent in your industry, where apprenticeship is built in to performance management
  • Eliminate pay bias and perverse incentives by instituting a compensation system that rewards learning and citizenship
Culture & post-merger integration
  • Engineer a culture that defines who you are as an organization and delivers both tactical and adaptive performance
  • Construct an operating model that continuously reinforces the culture and creates purpose-driven engagement among all colleagues
  • Ensure that your culture and operating model remain strong and focused during mergers, acquisitions, and reorgs
Recruiting & onboarding
  • Become a market-leading magnet for diverse, high performing talent. Be known as the best developer of talent in your industry
  • Hire based on skills, not just experience as a proxy. Recruit people who already have a sense of play and purpose for the work that will create customer impact
  • Give new hires a deep connection to the organization’s purpose and culture
Fortune telling
  • Predict how your environment is likely to change, and the opportunities and challenges this will generate
  • Make your leadership and teams resilient to inevitable change
  • Get ahead of markets and regulators to future-proof the organization while staying true to your purpose

How we are different

Our science

We are the leading experts in the world on the science of human motivation and organizational psychology. We have a track record of linking the science to the actual performance metrics you care about. We ourselves live according to our science every day – with our colleagues, our partners, and even our families.


Our approach

We work directly with people at all levels of the organization – teams, managers, executives – so that change is not just driven top-down. We identify leaders and teams that are excited about being at the vanguard of change and help them become shining early proof-points to emulate. We emphasize change that can be quickly scaled and sustained well beyond our engagement.

Our technology

We have built a suite of intuitive apps as an end to end motivation and performance platform. No other platform will give your colleagues the tools to collaborate and innovate with the science of high performance in mind. No other platform will give your leaders such deep and rich insights into their org. Read more


Our vision

We want to see a world where people love their work, and the work creates high impact. This is why we're constantly trying to scale up our impact (e.g. through technology) and shrink the cost of engaging with us. This is why we will talk to anyone who reaches out to us, meet them where they are, and experiment our way toward impact.