Why we work determines how well we work

Balancing Two Types of Company Performance

Most organizations only focus on one. The science of total motivation (tomo) points you to root causes to improve performance, agility, innovation, and human well-being.

For more, read “There Are Two Types of Performance -- but Most Organizations Only Focus on One.”

What we do


Educating and igniting teams and leaders

• Interactive talks to share principles and establish a common language

• Understand the two types of performance that high performing leaders manage: tactical and adaptive

• Learn the psychology that drives both together

• Understand how to build a team or organizational culture that unlocks both


Co-designing a high performing culture plan

• Educate leaders on how to diagnose and create a high-tomo culture strategy

• Survey - to assess tomo and analyze the cultural ecosystem

• Education - to help the team understand what good looks like

• Journey - to develop a detailed action plan (connected to performance goals) and a business case


Transforming performance in teams or departments

• Typically conducted through month-long sprints that each introduce a new habit. Include a 90 minute launch session followed by ongoing coaching

• Sustainability created through online technology that provides feedback loops

• Biggest performance lift typically comes from focusing on experimentation and apprenticeship


Solving for specific organizational issues

Short projects to tackle priority culture challenges, for example:

• ’How do we measure our culture and drive team ownership of the results?’

• ‘How do we become a magnet for diverse and high-performing talent?’

• ‘How do we redesign our structure to enable cross-functional teamwork?’


  • Science and research: We have built our approach on the latest psychological research  
  • Proven track record: We have demonstrated a direct causal relationship between tomo and performance
  • Holistic approach: We have designed a process that optimizes all levers that drive high performance
  • Engage whole organization:  We work directly at a team, management, and C-suite level 
  • Scalability: We utilize proprietary technology to create scalable, sustainable change