Technology for adaptive performance

The platform that enables adaptive teams to learn and collaborate effectively

VEGA is our complete set of web-based tools that integrates our cutting-edge research to enable teams to work collaboratively and adaptively. And it gives executives the transparency they need to manage.

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The vega platform

You likely already have systems that aid your tactical performance – think KPIs, metrics, dashboards and risk tools. Those, however, don’t cover the full spectrum of performance. There simply aren’t any tools out there that help businesses manage adaptive performance efficiently, so most teams are left to stumble through learning and improvement on their own.

 We wanted to change that, and so we did.

Our team has developed a suite of applications to help teams and individuals drive their own learning – because learning is the only way to achieve adaptive performance.



Helps teams learn how to create increasing impact.

Create a living agenda to drive impact, prioritize the most important challenges, design and manage experiments, and learn from what other teams are doing.



Helps colleagues learn new skills on the job.

Enable colleagues to select their own skill learning goals, make it easy to find on-the-job learning and coaching opportunities, and set and celebrate high standards for skill fluency.



Helps teams learn how best to work together.

Learn the habits of the most effective teams, diagnose which habits have lapsed, and prioritize habits to improve.



Helps executives get transparency.

Make it easy to see what is happening within each team and within each level of the organization.



Helps bring the right people together.

Make it easy to form and manage teams, including cross-functional and matrixed teams, and leverage experts from around the organization.