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Vega Factor is unlocking human potential at scale through the science of totalmotivation.


How might you empower your team to improve itself?

With the Vega Tomo & Habits diagnostic, learn what drives your team and give everyone on the team a chance to raise their hands and say how they want to improve the status quo. No blame, no shame, no complaints - just insight and action.


How might you grow your impact every week?

With the Vega platform for team performance, you’ll have the only suite of tools designed from the ground up with the cutting-edge science of motivation. Take control of your team’s habits, strategy, skill development, and more.


How might you rapidly educate your entire organization?

Bring in our agents to learn from the world’s leading experts in motivation and performance. The Tomo Leadership Development Program is the most efficient way to turn your team into an army of high-tomo leaders.


How might you transform your organization for the future?

Very few organizations are set up for sustainably high motivation and performance. Implement a full Tomo Transformation to address any pieces of your operating model that are slowing you down and replace them with systems designed for long-term growth.


How might you lead the charge?

Read Primed to Perform, the New York Times bestseller that kickstarted a revolution in motivation and performance. You can also access our dozens of whitepapers, blog posts, and downloadable tools to create fast impact in your work and life.


We have been privileged to work with some of our time’s most innovative thinkers and leaders.

Vega Factor has helped us dramatically improve our adaptive performance through their experimentation and skill-building programs. And our tomo has gone through the roof!
— Casey Crawford, CEO Movement Mortgage
A fresh, ambitious look at the science and practice of motivation, with big implications for leaders to fuel high-performing, high-energy cultures.
— Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take
Their ability to work at all levels of an organization to make change happen is what stands out.
— Kristen Ballinger, VP HR Bayer North America
I love how focused we are on constantly getting better at what we do, and helping our clients do the same. We’re on this journey together.
— Lindsay McGregor, CEO Vega Factor
Our commitment to tomo will allow us to fulfill our mission of helping people better their lives through education, and do so in a way where those implementing our vision can relish the journey.
— Todd Zipper, CEO Learning House
Tomo is my kind of heresy. It explains why things that I have intuitively felt are the ‘culture first’ way actually work - and Vega Factor do it with such compelling research and science that even skeptics are convinced
— Didier Elzinga, CEO/Founder Culture Amp

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