Building a High-Performing Workplace Culture on

What motivates you to deliver your highest-quality work?

Regardless of your company or role, one big reason is likely finding satisfaction in the work itself or the cause it furthers. It’s intuitive: when we care personally about the work we’re doing, we approach it with more determination and creativity.

However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that companies don’t often use these factors to motivate their employees.

The reasons for this disconnect are rarely malicious. When faced with stiff competition and demanding financial goals, companies often feel forced to prioritize having employees adhere strictly to accepted strategies and tactics. This approach often creates incentives for employees that aren’t aligned with creating great experiences for customers — and instead focuses them on “hitting their numbers” and avoiding the penalties for not doing so. It’s not that motivators like pleasurable work and a higher purpose disappear entirely. They’re just not managed with any rigor, and thus end up being massively de-emphasized.

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