6 Mistakes Even The Smartest New Managers Make


Even new managers with the best of intentions are bound to make mistakes, and it would be so lovely to know what those mistakes are ahead of time, so you can pivot before things take a turn for the secret happy-hour vent session. Enter Lindsay McGregor, a former McKinsey & Company consultant who coauthored Primed to Perform: How to Build the Highest Performing Cultures Through the Science of Total Motivation.

McGregor got incredibly candid about the mistakes she made as a young manager—or, to use her words, a "hands-off" leader. "I was the type of manager who knew enough to not be toxic, but not enough to be inspiring," she said. "Yes, I was friendly and asked everybody about how their weekends were, but I thought people wanted autonomy, to be left alone. Turns out, that’s not what creates the highest level of motivation. A team really wants you to be invested in them, and to really help each person figure out what inspires them." Learn from her common missteps, and you’ll hit the ground running strong from day one:

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