The magic is in the motivation

Through a combination of in-person consulting and technology, we help organizations achieve higher levels of performance by applying the science of total motivation. While there is no "standard" engagement, organizations often employ the following three phases to improve performance.


#1 Inspire and educate - igniting a groundswell for change

The first step in moving a culture forward is developing a shared language and enthusiasm for change. This is most often created through our "Introduction to Tomo" speaking engagements combined with widespread study of Primed to Perform. The goal of this phase is to prepare the organization for thinking, behaving and interacting in a new way. You'll know that the program is having impact when colleagues begin talking about internal processes, role design, and individual decisions in terms of its affect on personal or organizational motivation/tomo.

#2 Assess - clarify your current reality

Using our proprietary assessments, organizations can heatmap current levels of motivation. Understanding what motives are driving different parts of the organization sets the stage for creating a targeted, effective change plan. Assessments range from self-service surveys available here to comprehensive, Vega Factor-administered analyses of every demographic in the organization.

#3 Create change - transform into a high performance organization

Once the organization shares a shared language and vision of change, and knows its "from" state, it can begin moving towards a more powerful, positive culture of high performance.



It's all about the magnets

Whether initiated as a pilot program or as an organization-wide transformation, we help you address the following magnets of culture:

Leadership: each person is thriving

Move from “carrots and sticks” or a “hands off approach” to one that fosters belief in individuals and creates safety in experimentation. Commonly implemented elements include our leadership education and executive coaching programs.


Talent and Performance Management: aggressively manage learning

Create a learning organization that eliminates biases and closes skill gaps through our talent and performance management education series and applying Vega Skills technology.


Compensation: eliminate pay bias

Implement an objective, skill-based compensation model that eliminates bias and constructively  reinforces skill development and sharing expertise. This is achieved through a combination of our compensation consulting and education series and Vega Skills technology.


Purpose and identity: build missionaries rather than mercenaries

Create an ecosystem where every person can articulate the deeply felt purpose of their organization and role through our purpose and identity building education series.


Team behaviors and routines: every team rapidly iterates and learns what is working and what is not

Teach each team to implement effective performance cycles through our team behaviors and routines education series and Vega Habits technology.


Structure and role design: increase organizational agility and eliminate silo like behaviors

Refine organizational structures and process to increase speed, alignment, transparency, and customer centricity through our structure and role design education series.

What you can do

Reach out to us today to learn how you can raise the TOMO in your organization or team.