Why the name "Vega Factor"?


For thousands of years, navigators have looked to Polaris as the North Star to guide their way. But like the world in which our organizations live, even the North Star isn’t stable. Because our planet wobbles like a top, eventually, there will be a new North Star: Vega. By naming ourselves Vega Factor, we remind ourselves that nothing is constant. Great cultures enable us to adapt, no matter how the world changes.

Most people rely on gut feeling, rather than science, to build a great culture.

Many of us are struggling. Employee dissatisfaction has soared, productivity is declining, and innovation is stifled. Individuals are struggling to find the personal growth, purpose and meaning they crave, and organizations are failing to achieve the levels of growth, creativity and customer experience they aspire to. It’s time to upgrade the tools and techniques we use to build great cultures.


Our Mission

Our mission is to unlock human potential at scale using the science of total motivation.


Our Strategy

1. Spread tomo knowledge around the globe. 

2. Engage with leading companies to help them build the world’s most adaptive organizations.

3. Scale our reach to the point that everyone can work in a high tomo environment by 2045.


Our Business

Our business is currently built around 3 pillars:

1. Education – sharing insights into the science of tomo in a variety of formats and contexts

2. Consulting – working directly with companies to identify and improve their tomo

3. Technology – providing the tools for every organization to replace low-motivation HR software and other platforms with powerful, high-tomo systems