Magnets & the Culture Ecosystem

The motivators in a company are like magnets that affect the energy and direction of each person. “Magnets” are typically designed independently, and often point in different directions. This weakens the overall motivation of a company’s culture.

A total motivation culture system identifies all these motivators (i.e., the magnets), and teaches you to design them all to consistently point toward total motivation, the true north for the highest-performing cultures.



A "magnet" is defined as any individual process or system (e.g., compensation, performance reviews, leadership, mission, career paths) that influences an individual's total motivation ("tomo").

Together, all of the magnets in an organization comprise the "culture ecosystem."

Some elements of culture can either produce or destroy total motivation depending on the rest of the culture elements.

For example, employees with sales commissions typically have lower tomo than employees without sales commissions when they do not believe their company cares about their customers. However, if employees believe in what they are doing, sales commissions increase tomo.