Who we are looking for


First and foremost, we’re looking for true Vegas – those who have a passion for building high performing cultures. We choose people who find play and meaning in solving the many complex and interconnected issues involved in human motivation.

That said, we aren’t clones. We actively look for unique capabilities and life experiences, knowing these spiky skillsets enrich our group outlook, problem-solving and client deliverables.

If you want to solve work, if you live to create system-wide impact, whether as a consultant, engineer, designer, movement-builder, business developer or corporate logistician, we would love to hear form you. Contact us using the form below.


We are looking for people to join our New York office, who have skill sets similar to what is known by today’s nomenclature as Principal or Director. Though life would be easier if cultural transformation could happen overnight, it actually takes about three to four years. Our Principals guide this process.

Many consultant-client relationships are brief, and on average, term at 90 days. That’s barely any time to create a trusted, lasting relationship with someone you might be dating, let alone a leadership team at a Fortune 500 organization.

In our model, Principals, who internally we refer to as Field Agents, work alongside the most senior executives in the strategy development and implementation of our solutions. This results in a much richer, more impactful, and more fulfilling approach to business partnerships.


Building the movement is about fundamentally rewiring our collective mindset about workplace culture— turning on its head the idea that companies must choose between their bottom line, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. We are looking for someone who can think strategically about what content, experiences, and allies it will take to make total motivation the new baseline of how people think about culture and performance.

The Movement Builder will also be expected to roll up their sleeves and mobilize the plans, resources, and skills necessary to achieve that strategic vision. Concretely, the role involves creating content, developing and managing creative projects, building and maintaining a network of human capital practitioners and thoughts leaders, and featuring in and hosting events.

In previous lives, movement builders may have worked as marketing or PR managers, senior copywriters, senior editors or a management consultant with a writing habit.


We are unique in that we already have clients with whom we are testing and building our technology platform. This allows for more fulfilling and higher impact product management since our Architects work closely with them.

As an Architect, your mission will be to mobilize and manage the people, processes and resources necessary to productize our vision for an operating system for company culture. To that end, the Architect will be responsible for a variety of strategic and tactical tasks including: defining problems so that relevant people in different roles can independently contribute their expertise towards a uniform solution; maximizing the engineering team’s performance through clear problem specifications, road mapping, prioritization; leading process improvements in highly volatile environments; managing product sprints and accelerating how we solve client problems, and much more.


Technology builders work with our culture builders to develop the software and applications that embed high-performance practices into the DNA of an organization. We are looking for engineers at all levels.


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